Our Mission: Produce high quality and reasonably priced vegetables for our local and regional communities while improving soil health and being water resilient in our high desert climate.


We are located in the beautiful Mancos Valley, just to the east of Mesa Verde National Park, in Southwest Colorado.  


  • To improve soil health
  • To provide a basic necessity to nourish our family, friends and community
  • To create a profitable model that is tangible and translatable to others


  • cover cropping, crop rotation, minimal tillage
  • both mechanized and hand scale
  • paid employee(s), we do not rely on volunteer labor
  • flower strips for beneficials and pollinators
  • appropriate water use for our high desert climate
  • Mindy uses the force. Mike runs around. 


Mindy Perkovich grew up in Ridgway, Colorado and she accidentally (and thankfully!) discovered farming while attempting to sign up for a CSA in the Spring of 2010. The CSA she wanted to join was full and the farm's blog said they were looking for interns. A lightbulb went off and she resigned from her position at the law firm and started farming full-time 3 weeks later with a  wonderful group of ladies and hasn't looked back since. 

Mike Nolan grew up in California and attended the Center for Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems Apprenticeship in 2006 and 2007. He has farmed in California, New Mexico and in SW Colorado for the past 8 years. He mentors beginning farmers in the region as well as teaches agriculture classes in the winter. Mike is the chapter president of the 4 Corners Farmers and Ranchers Coalition, a joint chapter of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and the National Young Farmers Coalition.