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As a CSA Member: I understand that I am committing to the 2019 growing and production season of the Mountain Roots Produce CSA Program. I understand that our farmers will do their very best to provide a season’s worth of diversified fresh and delicious produce. I understand that I am sharing in the risks and challenges inherent to farming. I understand that there will be variations in the quantity and the quality of food that I receive, depending on weather and other factors. I understand that CSA Shares are non-refundable and in the event of a complete crop loss on the farm, I will not hold the farmers responsible nor will I seek reimbursement. I understand that it is my responsibility to pickup the CSA Share at the designated time and location each week or to coordinate with a friend or family member to pickup the share for me. I understand that email is the primary method of communication from the farm and I agree to open and read emails from the farm.
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By checking the box below, I understand and agree to submit payment within 10 days of submitting this CSA Sign-Up form. Payment will be made by check, made out to Mountain Roots Produce and mailed to 41095 Road G, Mancos CO 81328.
We are excited to continue a program we started in 2016, "Sponsor a Share". CSA Members and non Members can purchase any amount of CSA Share Weeks ($35/week) they wish that will be donated to low income families in the community. Mountain Roots Produce will be donating 2 x 18 Week CSA Shares this season, and more if our Community gets involved!