Busy Busy

Hello everyone! 

The last few days have been overcast and windy with a little rain and hail mixed in. The thermometer at the garden read 28 degrees this morning. Brr! I was nervous to check on the newly transplanted tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse after such a cold night... but was delighted to find they stayed pretty warm under fabric covers.

I transplanted the first 44 tomatoes into the greenhouse a week ago and they are starting to get comfortable in their new home. Mmm, hopefully we will be enjoying tomatoes from these plants at the end of July! Don't worry, it will be here before you know it. 

I spent Friday morning seeding cucurbits, which got a little crazy as I was way to excited about the task at hand. There are so many different and delicious varieties, I just couldn't help but seed too many. Melons, winter squash, cucumbers and zucchini are all seeded in trays and starting to germinate. 

We have had a couple setbacks this spring. Some creepy crawlers have been eating the roots of certain crops (spinach, peas, onions) causing the plants to wilt and die. I did a little investigating in the soil and determined they are some kind of root maggot. These little buggers are driving me bonkers but hopefully the beneficial insects I added recently will help keep them in check. Time will tell.  Lucky for us the early bed of spinach is still looking great and ready to be harvested soon!