Oh Summer, how I love you! The long days and warm hot temperatures are amazing. I am happy to report the skies blessed us with a little rain last night, enough to keep the ground damp this morning. The pollen and dirt were rinsed off of the hoophouse covers and there is dew everywhere. Mmm. Love it! The veggies love it too, everything looked a little happier this morning. 

The cherry tomatoes are growing like wild and are going to be touching the ceiling of the greenhouse in no time. Hopefully these beauties will be ripening in the coming weeks. 

The early planting of heirloom slicers are setting fruit nicely. Pictured below are two varieties, a lovely Pineapple and a cluster of Soldacki. 

The tomatoes in the second hoophouse are growing like weeds and in need of a good pruning, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 

The eggplants are just starting to form flowers but not quite blooming yet. 

And the peppers (sweet and hot) are all setting fruit. Here are a couple pimentos. Psst, the jalapenos are getting close!

Over the weekend we seeded salad greens, beets and arugula and transplanted cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, mustards greens, chard etc. Today the cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and scallions are going in the ground... then the big planting push is complete!!! Woot woot!

OK, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful morning. Best time of the day :)