Beautiful Day

 The past week was FABULOUS. My little brother was in town visiting so I wasn't as productive as usual, but there were lots of hugs, laughs and constant smiles. He flew back to Fort Benning on Sunday morning... I miss that 'little' guy already.  

We made a discovery this week, there is a badger near my garden who I believe is helping keep the rodents under control. I decided this badger is like a Walt Disney character and needs a good name :).

I did complete a couple kitchen projects this week with the help of friends. We made a batch of spicy dill pickles and a huge batch of kimchi! 

Sunday afternoon brought a heavy rainstorm. It was probably the hardest I have seen it rain at the gardens this season and we received over a half of an inch in a short period of time. The child in me wants to jump in the puddles that are still hanging around from that storm. Want to know the best part? I finished seeding new beds of cilantro and spinach right before it started to rain. Must be a sign that those crops are going to do great. 

I am starting the CSA Harvest this morning and will post harvest information tomorrow. 

Have a beautiful day!