A few nights ago it was overcast, drizzling and quite chilly outside. I was procrastinating about heading outside to close up the garden for the evening. After getting bundled up I opened the door to see... this gorgeous double rainbow!!! I squealed (and maybe jumped) with excitement, then ran around taking pictures with a huge smile on my face. Suddenly I had a huge burst of energy and closing up the garden was delightful. Mmmmmmmmm.

The following morning brought it's own surprise, we woke up to an inch of slushy snow on the ground and it was pouring rain. The day before I was getting organized and grabbed my snow gloves to put away for the season... but something made me hesitate and I set them back down thinking, 'not just yet'. Sure enough, I played in the snow a bit on Sunday morning and was glad to have these gloves handy. Fingers crossed we are done with snow in the garden until Fall? I am loving the Spring moisture though, keep it coming! 

We are busy busy here. Planting, seeding, weeding and... building a third hoop house! The ground is very soggy after this last storm, so we need it to dry up a little before we can build and plant new beds. 

The gardens are really starting to pop. Greens are growing like mad, radishes are starting to fill out and the tomatoes are flowering and beginning to set fruit. 

We have a small patch of kale that overwintered and is now going to seed. The plants are several feet tall and covered with stunning yellow flowers that the honeybees and other beneficials seem to be enjoying.

The first CSA Harvest is right around the corner! I will be sending out an email to CSA Members in the coming days with details. 

Enjoy the sunshine!