CSA Harvest - Week 16

Gorgeous week! I have been loving the perfectly warm days and cool evenings. Mmmmm.

We are in squirrel mode here. Spending hours inside preserving food... canning tomatoes, relish, pickles, etc and freezing things like pesto, ratatouille, and baba ganoush. Next up... spicy salsa and peaches.

The cover crops we seeded last week before the rain have all germinated and are growing quickly. A late seeding of green beans has been flowering recently and just started to form beans... so if the weather holds we should have green beans?! The bunnies ate the tops of the first couple successions of beans... so this last seeding (which I think was in early August?) was a gamble. We'll see?

The greens are gorgeous and getting sweeter by the day! They love the cooler temps and the flavors are really starting to shine. Enjoy!

The dahlias are making a real showing too. Their delicate blooms and vibrant colors are so distracting in the garden... 

Ok, on to the harvest details for this week:

Salad Greens
Chard or Kale
Bok Choy
Turnips or Radishes
Cherry Tomatoes
Summer Squash
Edible Flowers

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Plain