CSA Harvest - Week 16

Good morning! Today is the Fall Equinox and the hours of light and darkness are just about equal... but the shift to shorter days and longer nights is about to begin. Wowza, Summer went so fast (too fast?) this year. 

We harvested half of the winter squash at Blue Grama Farm yesterday!!! So. Much. Fun. And oh so beautiful. The weather was perfectly overcast and made for a great harvest day. Now they are lined up outside for a couple weeks to cure before we store them inside for enjoying throughout the Fall and Winter. Mmm mmm mmm. 

The veggies really are full of and expressing love... and if you need proof, check out this sweet red pepper!

Most of the week was spent harvesting and planting crops for Fall and Winter. We're down to two tomato beds and one pepper bed in the hoop houses and I think they're coming out in a few days? So, make sure to savor those Summer flavors this week and next.

With a little help over the weekend, the caterpillar tunnel has been relocated. It came off of the beds filled with tomatoes, basil and peppers and is now resting over spinach and salad greens that we seeded a couple weeks ago. Yes! I want all my houses to be moveable... I need to keep track of seeding and harvest dates, but I think these might be ready to harvest by Thanksgiving? Stay tuned. 

CSA Harvest - Week # 16

Salad Greens
Head Lettuce
Braising Mix
Cherry Tomatoes

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Plain

Have a lovely day!