CSA Harvest - Week #18

Brr, it is dark and chilly outside, not that chilly though. It's October 7th and we  haven't seen a frost here yet. Craziness. So, despite the date the garden still has a few signs of Summer, like these dahlia showoffs and sweet honeybees on blooming carrots. Gorgeous! 

Fall is in the air though... last Friday was very windy and had leaves blowing everywhere and yesterday morning the clouds broke to reveal some very snowcapped mountains. Ooo ooo ooo! 

We cleared a few more beds over the weekend and seeded some cover crop in anticipation of the rain... hoping it pops right up. And I had a couple trays of scallions hanging out so I transplanted them outside, maybe they'll put on a little growth before winter and then grow like mad come spring?! Experiment. 

Final Summer CSA Harvest  - Week #18:
Salad Greens
Head Lettuce
Bok Choy/Cabbage
Braising Mix
Herbs (Cilantro or Dill)
Hot Peppers

Here comes the sun... have a beautiful day!