Good morning!

The warm and sunny weather has us making a lot of progress at the farm. The snow melted off the field a few weeks ago, friends and family have been visiting and things are growing. 

We have one greenhouse filled with the allium starts (leeks, onions, scallions) and early roots and greens for the CSA! Think sweet spring carrots, beets, turnips, kale, collards and a spicy mustard mix... my favorite! Ooo I can hardly wait to have fresh produce again.

The garlic and shallots are popping and look to have pretty hefty root systems this season. Lots of roots = fatty bulbs? Time will tell. 

The peppers and tomatoes were seeded earlier in the week! I seeded way too many but that's to be expected because I get SO excited.  Heirlooms, early reds and cherry tomatoes. Whoop! Celery and celeriac are on the list for today. Yes! It's time. 

Next up, greenhouse construction. The frame is already up, we just need to add a few more support rails, build end walls, attach u-channel and skin it with plastic. Hoping to have this house filled with tomatoes, tomatillos and basil come mid-May.

We still have CSA Shares available for the 2016 season. Sign up today and join us for a wonderful season! 

Alright, the sun is up and I should get moving. Enjoy this beautiful day!