The month of May has arrived, and it's go time here at the farm. So much to plant in the next 30 days, woohoo! The rain over the last few weeks has made everything so green and gorgeous, it's wonderful. But I must say, I'm excited and oh so ready for some warm sunny skies. 

We took advantage of the nice weather last week and got the tractor in the field and turned in the triticale and winter rye cover crops that have been protecting the soil. The rye needs a couple weeks to breakdown before seeding the next crop. The soil looks, feels and smells amazing! I remember helping my Dad plant trees around our house when I was a little girl. As we were filling the holes back in I grabbed a handful of the soil, pushed it to my face, inhaled deeply and proceeded to say, ' mmmm, that's good dirt'. Ha! Should've known then I would be a farmer and in love with soil. 

We tilled a block for the onions and a section in front of the almost complete greenhouse (which needs a name...!) where we will be growing greens and herbs for the CSA. So, we're digging up the gorgeous onions, leeks and scallion starts that were seeded back in February this morning and planting them outside in the coming days. Yes!

All the brassica starts are looking strong and happy. If I'm stressing or frustrated about something I can go peak at these babies and instantly feel better. They'll be moving outside in a couple weeks. 

The carrots are starting to size up and should be ready for the first CSA harvest, which is only 5 weeks away!! We seeded a variety of greens and roots outside a few weeks ago and with all this rain everything is up and growing.

Tomorrow morning we're hoping to finish the other greenhouse! We're working on the last door and side walls today and rallying an amazing group of friends to help us skin it with the huge piece of plastic tomorrow morning. Yay! So ready for this project to be complete. And the tomatoes are looking anxious to be planted so it will feel good to get the plastic on so we can prep beds and PLANT later in the week. 

Enjoy the sunshine folks!