Spring Green

Hello Everyone, 

I'm loving how green and rich things are this spring! The temps have been gentle and not too cold at night (knock on wood) and with the weekly storms everything is growing. Looks like one more day of rain here... then it starts to break up tomorrow and we'll see some sunshine?! One evening last week after a pretty strong hail storm this amazing rainbow popped out and made my day! Magical. 

Last week flew by! We finished planting the greenhouse and filled a few beds with peppers and tomatillos to keep the tomatoes company. The tomatoes are looking great and starting to grow fast! When I planted them they were starting to look a little rough and were over being in their 2" pots. I was pretty worried (per usual) and gave them a pep talk and told them they had a week to grow out of it before I pulled them up and replanted... luckily within a week they had put on tons of healthy green growth and started to bulk up. Woohoo! 

Late in the week we planted potatoes! So. many. potatoes. That was a big project and it feels good to check it off the list! 

I spent the last two days in Ridgway helping my Mom weed and seed her garden, my former garden. The cover crops are higher than my hips, and it's overflowing with overwintered spinach, cilantro, scallions and lettuce and the herbs are all coming back very healthy and strong. Mmmm Spring!

We're going to start transplanting cabbage and alyssum tomorrow, followed by all the kale, collards, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Excited to get all of these starts in the ground! 

Countdown to CSA harvests starts... NOW. First delivery to Telluride is in 3 weeks, whoop whoop! Sign up now to become a member of our farm, join us for a wonderful season of bountiful harvests and support local agriculture. Check out the CSA page for more details and contact me if you have any questions.

I cannot get enough of the garlic field in the evening light... dreamy.

Have a wonderful day!