CSA Harvest - Week #10

Good morning, 

I hope everybody enjoyed the cloud cover and rain last week. Mmmmmm, it was so lovely and much needed.  Most of our rain arrived on Thursday night and Friday night. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. It made for a muddy and slower weekend here, which felt wonderful.

Harvest season is here folks.  Something that needs picked pretty much every day... the tomatoes, zucchini and beans are currently keeping us busy. 

Oh tomatoes, yours truly is always paranoid about them. I am constantly worried they're going to get a disease of some sort and die. So up until the point where we are actually harvesting ripe tomatoes I look at them with concern, shout at them to grow 'big and strong' and doubt that they will produce. But here we are, the tomatoes are ripening and need harvested every other day. Now lets just hope the trellis is strong enough to hold them up! Oh the taste of Summer is so so good. Enjoy the tomatoes! And I'll try to worry about them less in the future... ;)

We're planting for the Fall here and the late brassicas are in. Kale, collards, mustards, bok choy and napa cabbage were transplanted on Monday afternoon along with a round of head lettuce. They look so tiny compared to everything else growing in the field... 

Harvest details for CSA Week #10:
Swiss Chard
Green Beans
Beaver Dam Pepper
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes