CSA Harvest - Week #12

Good morning!

Brr, it's chilly outside, and incredibly muddy. Yesterday was pretty wet around here, it started raining at 1 o'clock and didn't let up until 6 or so. And it looks like the mountain tops got a dusting of snow. Oh my, cooler months are a coming.

But enough of that... the Summer days continue to fly by and we're trying to keep up with the harvest.  I had a long list of projects to complete on Friday and I didn't get to a single one of them as I spent the whole day harvesting... hmmm. Everytime I turned around something else needed picked. I can normally get by harvesting tomatoes every other day, but this week they demanded I check them and harvest daily. Such a wonderful and bountiful time of the year! 

We  did manage to finish weeding and thinning the rutabagas and first round of beets last week. Better late than never! They're sizing up quick with their new spacious environment and I imagine they loved all the rain yesterday.

The Fall greens are growing fast and are looking pretty good after a pass with the hula hoe. We transplanted another round of head lettuce on Monday and seeded the last round of greens outside. Wahoo! I think that calls for a dance party. We'll seed one last set of greens for the 2016 season in the greenhouse once the tomatoes and tomatillos come out at the end of September. 

We harvested the red onions on Sunday! Onions are one of the most satisfying crops to grow when they size up well, as we seeded the onions back in January (yes, January).  And it just so happens that this season, almost all of our onions have grown into huge bulbs. Success! So we pulled the reds and they're now set up outside curing. If cured properly they'll last through the cold months of winter. The walla walla onions are ready as well, they're a tasty sweet onion that is best for fresh eating. They do not store well because of the high sugar content so be sure to eat these ASAP. 

Harvest for Week 12 of the Summer CSA includes the following:
Lacinato Kale
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Bell Pepper
Walla Walla Onion
Rattlesnake Beans - my favorite!
Cucumber or Shishitos Peppers

See you all this afternoon!