CSA Harvest - Week #14

Hello there, 

Here we are, it's September and crisp, cool air is beginning to embrace us on a daily basis. Mmm.... and it feels so good. 

We're getting ready to start the heavy lifting around here, and plan to start harvesting potatoes, carrots, beets, winter squash etc... later this week. 

The tomatoes are still ripening like crazy, I thought the cooler weather last week was going to slow them down for a little while but I was wrong, they're going for it and must sense Fall coming. Enjoy the heirlooms while they're here with their amazing flavors, beautiful shapes and colors. 

We enjoyed them with burrata over the weekend, and it has me craving more. I spent the weekend harvesting, weeding and catching up on a few tasks that have been on my list for a while. And even though the days are shorter, something about working sun up til sun down and the cooler air has made me incredibly hungry and I dream up the next meal while I'm completing a task... tomato soup has been on my brain and needs to happen soon! 

The Fall block of greens are rebounding nicely after last week's hail. Wahoo! They're growing right out of it and should be ready to start harvesting from in a few weeks. When I get stressed at the farm I normally buy something to help reduce the worry of whatever has me worked up, so last week I bought more row cover so I could attempt to cover these crops when future hail storms arrive and from the coming cold weather. It still needs cut to size, laid out and set up with hoops and weights... in time.

The Brussels Sprouts are looking happy and starting to fill out. I check on them a few times a week with excitement...  I think Fall is going to taste so so good. We're offering a Fall CSA again this year, and if you're aren't signed up already, check out the Fall CSA tab above and sign up ASAP. We only have a few spots left and would love for you to join us and keep your kitchen filled with fresh, seasonal produce grown on our farm. 

Ok ok, enough about Fall. Lets focus on the current moment, shall we. This week's CSA Harvest includes the following:
Salad Greens
Red Cabbage
Heirloom Tomatoes
Bell Pepper
Walla Walla Onion

Looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon! Have a wonderful day