Fall CSA Harvest - Week #4

Hello hello, 

It's November already and today marks the 4th Fall CSA pickup of the season. Wahoo! 

I have exciting news, we finished harvesting the roots this week! The last of the carrots, parsnip and rutabaga are now out of the ground in storage and once we get a little moisture we'll finish cover cropping the field. Things around here are incredibly dry at the moment. Come on rain, and snow in those mountains!

Fall harvests are my favorite. Spring harvests are exciting... Summer is nonstop but Fall harvests are just satisfying. Most of the fall crops are planted early in the Spring or sometime mid Summer, and tended to all season. So once it's time to harvest, its very gratifying. Not to mention the incredible colors and flavors the we're pulling out of the ground this time of the year... and their endless possibilities in the kitchen. 
It looks like a storm is headed our way later this week, keep your fingers crossed! I think we could all use some moisture... and a rainy day would give me a chance to finally weed the greenhouse. I'll be honest, for the last few weeks I've been worried that I seeded the greenhouse greens too late and with how slow things were growing I was getting worried they wouldn't size up before Thanksgiving. I seeded these beds on September 25th... now I know a few weeks earlier would have been more ideal and had your farmer less concerned. BUT, I'm happy to report that over the last few days they have really sized up and should be ready to harvest in a few weeks. 

Harvest details for Fall Week #4:
Salad Greens
Napa Cabbage
Baby Bok Choy
Purple Carrots
Forono Beets
Hakurei Turnips