Fall CSA Harvest - Week #6

Hello Everyone, 

It's mid-November and looks like we may get our first winter blast of the year starting tonight. Seems a little bit overdue if you ask me... but that doesn't mean we are ready for it. Sure, a cold, windy, snowy day will give me the opportunity to spend a cozy day inside, build a fire, catch up on emails, and whip up some deliciousness in the kitchen... but it's also making me realize how many things are still unfinished! So that last few days have been pretty busy trying to wrap up loose ends around here.

We finally planted garlic on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, better late than never ;).  The beds were a little tough for planting and needed a quick run though with the S-tines to make planting easier on our hands. But we came to find out the tractor battery was dead... so after a quick charging the sweet Farmall was up and running and had the beds ready in no time and planting was a breeze. I love planting garlic. It's the moment in the Fall when you officially commit to growing again next season and now, the first crop for 2017 is planted. 

I weeded all the greens and removed the last of the T-posts and trellis from the hoophouse over the weekend, it feels so open and big now! We're going to cover crop the last couple beds and mulch heavy with leaves from our neighbors to feed the soil. 

The mild Fall weather has made the greens in the field grow like crazy. This week's share is loaded with some of the tender greens that I think we'll lose in the winter storm headed our way. They're calling for temps to drop down to 15 degrees on Thursday night, and I'm pretty sure we'll lose the arugula and salad mix at the minimum. So, savor those tender greens! I'm planning to double cover the kale and some other things with row cover in the hopes that they'll pull through.

Here are the details for Fall CSA Harvest - Week #6:
Salad Greens
Spicy Mustard Mix
Tokoyo Bekana
4 Baby Bok Choy
Purple Top Turnips

I look forward to seeing you all this afternoon!