Fall CSA Harvest - Week #9

Good morning, 

We are settling into late Fall here. The nights continue to grow longer and colder and it feels wonderful to have snow on the ground. I always become anxious as the days and weeks in the Fall go by with warm temps and no snow... but it always comes. 

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland here last week, with a foot of fresh snow on the ground. We were not expecting it and there are definitely a few hoses and tools that are now hidden. Whoops. Reminder to self -- do not procrastinate. Wrap up those hoses and put all the tools away :). 

I'm happy to report the greens in the high tunnel are handling the cold nights just fine. We pull the row cover off during the day for the greens to enjoy the sunshine and for the soil to warm up. And then late afternoon we cover them back up before the temps begin to drop. We have baby kale, salad greens and a spicy mustard mix for your shares this week!

We are wearing more layers and adjusting to the colder temps that December brings and finding the few hours on the sunny days when we can harvest and wash produce for your CSA Shares. 

The winter solstice is only two and half weeks away and we only have 1 Fall CSA Harvest left for the 2016 season! Wow. Winter here we come... I'm ready and excited for the slower days and some down time. To dream and plan and build... 

Fall CSA Harvest - Week #9:

Baby Kale, Salad Greens, Spicy Mustard Mix, Purple Carrots, Beets, Rutabaga, Pink Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Hubbard Squash

Have a beautiful day!