Hello! We enjoyed such a beautiful sunrise over the Cimarrons in Ridgway this morning. I'm here for a couple days, spending time with family and breaking down the hoophouses in my old garden. Two down, one to go. Woohoo! We're moving these hoophouse frames to Mancos with the plan to build a few moveable tunnels for more season extension options at the farm. The Spring project list is looooong but exciting.

We have spent the last few days finishing up the propagation house... building end walls and doors. It's now time to attach the plastic, which we've scheduled for Tuesday. Make way for baby plants! The tomatoes and peppers are all up have me excited for Summer. And in less than a week we will be seeding the brassicas (cabbage, kale, collards, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, etc) as well as head lettuce and basil.  Plus, the snow peas, snap peas and fava beans are all soaking and will be seeded tomorrow. 

The past week has been so incredibly warm. My body isn't ready for it and I have found myself overheating. Oh my. Water, drink more water! But it has really started to dry the field and things are greening up. Mike started discing the new field yesterday and will be doing field prep today and tomorrow before the next storm arrives on Thursday. We're trying to take advantage of this nice weather and complete as many tasks as possible because who knows what April will bring... 

We had the pleasure of spending time with the sweet cows at Burk Beef last week. It's calving season and the baby cows and their mamas are so incredibly cute. Heart melting cute. So, on that note I'll leave you with the photo above of day old calves playing while their mamas eat. So perfect. 

Enjoy the sunshine!