It's time... lets get these fields planted!

Last week brought snow and cold temps

Last week brought snow and cold temps

Wowza. Last week was an eventful one around here... we had heavy, slushy snow and quite cold weather for late May. There was a little stress involved prepping the farm for a couple nights in the low 20s... I spent hours cutting and setting up row cover in the greenhouses and the field. It took a few layers of row cover in the greenhouses but I'm happy to report the tomatoes are all OK. When we are expecting a 8-10 hour freeze this time of the year it's a bit nerve wracking and hard to imagine the tomatoes will survive. But they did are now they are really starting to put on some growth! Some of the greenhouse outside did get a light burn here and there, but nothing major. Whew! Lets hope we're past the cold until Fall?

The Planting Frezny has arrived and we will be switching gears and moving away from building/fencing projects to transplanting for several days. The brassicas and lettuces are hardening off and will all find their way into the fields in the coming days. Mike has been setting up irrigation and we'll finish planting the tunnels with tomatoes, peppers, basil and a few dahlias for good measure! It's going to be a full week, hopefully our planting legs are ready. 

We spent the days following the storm stretching lines of fence and getting it tight and stapled onto the posts. We're so close to completing this project I can hardly stand it! 

The second moveable tunnel frame is up and we are prepping it for plastic this morning. I think it was a blessing we didn't complete these moveable tunnels earlier in the Spring like we had initially planned as I would have planted them during the warm spell and crops like peppers and basil would not have appreciated the cold nights last week. 

Telluride CSA Members: Harvests start in 2 weeks! We will have our market booth and the CSA pickup set up in Spruce Park from 11-2pm on Wednesdays starting June 7th!

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Ok, I'm keeping this post short and sweet as I need to tackle some things early this morning. Have a great day and be on the look out for many transplanting photos and updates next week!