CSA Harvest - Week #13


Hold on everyone, here comes September AND sweet Walla Walla Onion season! Wahoo, we made it. I have been dreaming of these onions since we seeded them way back in January. They were seeded in the greenhouse and cared for through the winter months, which were pretty mild this year. And then dug out of the greenhouse bed in May, trimmed and transplanted into the field. They saw a couple nights of low 20s near the end of May that had me worried. But, a few months of irrigation and several rounds of weeding later, they're sizing up nicely (think softballs) and are as sweet as can be. I love when all the pieces come together and work out as planned. Success! 

Harvest harvest harvest... that's the day to day here at the moment and it's pretty awesome. Mike and I cleared the first cabbage block on Thursday and Sadie started clearing the early carrot beds to make way for more Fall greens. On Thursday, we will start pulling onions out of the field to cure. First up, the red onions and a trial yellow that looks wonderful, Gold Princess from Adaptive Seeds, I think you're a keeper! 


We planted 6 of the Fall moveable tunnel beds with greens (kale, spinach and salad greens) late last week and I am SO excited to get the last few beds seeded in the coming days so we can stop thinking about bed prep and planting and focus that energy and time on harvests. 

We left the farm over the weekend, which felt AMAZING! We made a trip to Norwood to celebrate our friends Paula and Sajun Folsom, who are, hands down, two of the sweetest people I know. Paula and Sajun run Laid Back Ranch in Norwood and offer grass-finished beef, pastured pork and pastured poultry, check them out! I used to sell produce next to Paula at the Ridgway Farmer's Market and would look forward to seeing her, and her amazing hugs, every Friday throughout the Summer. I miss those days... but this weekend was good reminder that Norwood is only a short drive away and that we should visit our extended family of friends there more often! Love you guys!  


We should have some exciting news and updates to share in the coming days... think tractor implements and the produce wash/storage warehouse we're building. Check back in next week!  

Ok enough rambling, lets talk about this week's CSA Share, which is filled with lots of tomatoes, plus a nice mix of Summer flavors and colors. Enjoy! 

Harvest details for CSA - Week #13:

Green Cabbage, Kale, Green Beans, Broccoli, Fennel, Purple and White Carrots, Beets, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Walla Walla Onion, Cucumber, Purple Daikon, Garlic, Sweet Pepper and Padron Peppers.