CSA Harvest - Week #7


Good morning!

Another week has rolled by and we're easing into July.

This week felt good and brought the region some cloud cover and rain! Oh my gosh... I cannot even express how amazing the clouds feel. Around 2 or three o'clock, right when we're getting incredibly warm and a hot breeze is blowing through the field, dark clouds roll in and provide relief. The drop in temperature and rise in humidity is calming, lowers our stress levels and energizes us to work in the afternoon. We have had a couple drizzly moments and saw a quick downpour (it tried to hail for a moment then switched to pounding rain) on Monday afternoon. It was enough to make a couple puddles in the driveway and mud up my sandals. We're still waiting for a soaking rain... any day now!

I try not to have favorites... but lets be honest, the onions and tomatoes are always at the top of my list and I check on them multiple times a day. The onions are looking so good! Mike cultivated the furrows a few days ago and I think the beds will need one last weeding in a week or so before they're set for the season, Grow lovelies grow! Side note... we just threw our last two red onions from the 2017 harvest into a stir fry the other night. Storage crops are pretty amazing!  


Speaking of storage crops... here's a quick update. Mike and I pulled the garlic on the Fourth of July. Yes! It's out of the field and hanging in a barn, drying and curing. In a few weeks the garlic should be ready for a cleaning and sorting before making it's way into your CSA Shares and/or going into storage. 

The storage beets, carrots and rutabagas are starting to take off and are ready for a thinning... maybe later this week? 


And the potatoes are looking impressive. They're freshly cultivated and flowering like crazy and the plants are huge. I think they really liked our mild temps this spring.

All of the summer crops are getting close... which means the flavors and textures of the CSA Shares are about to change! The cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, fennel, peppers, etc will be ready to harvest and to make their way into your CSA Shares in the coming weeks. 


Here's a shot of the new wash station. Wahoo! It feels so fancy and spacious compared to our old wash/pack area and we're starting to really appreciate all the hard work we have put in over the last year making this happen. So worth it! It is still a work in progress and we're figuring out what and where we need to add things to make the harvest days flow even smoother. 


Summer sunsets are... breathtaking! 

Have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you soon.