Hello August and CSA Harvest - Week #9


Annnnnnd.... we're back in harvest mode! 

THANK YOU so much to our CSA Members, chefs, friends and family for the support, understanding and kind words this past week! Thank you for lifting our spirits and reminding us why we're doing this work. We truly felt the love from our CSA Community and I cannot even express how wonderful it made us feel. You're all amazing and we're excited to bring you more bounty this week! 


We regrouped after the hail and bug infestation and focused our energy on weeding the crops we have planted and flipping and reseeding beds with greens. The False Chinch Bugs took down all of our successions of arugula, spicy mustard greens, radishes and hakurei turnips and some newly seeded salad beds. They're much larger this week and still around BUT (fingers crossed) they do not appear to be damaging other crops as much. I think it's still a little too early to say we're in the clear but we're hoping they take flight and move on later this week. 


The past ten days have been HOT around here and humid for Colorado. I cannot remember the last time we sweat so much. We have been busy weeding, pruning, flipping beds, seeding and transplanting greens, weed whacking, mowing, irrigating and cleaning up the farm. We're pretty close to being caught up and it feels good! 

Most of the summer crops LOVE the heat and have started to size up and ripen! We're excited to fill the CSA Shares with heirloom and cherry tomatoes, shishitos, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini and much more this week. Mmmm Summertime! 

The last couple days have been smokey. So much so that by four o'clock the temperatures cool off so much that it feels like sunset for hours. It's kind of creepy and we're hoping it doesn't confuse the crops. A change in light and temperature like this could cause some things to bolt but we'll just wait and see?


And there is no shortage of life at the farm! I saw the first tomato horn worm of the season two days ago. We are seeing lady bugs and praying mantis everywhere, this one ran up my back during the fennel harvest on Monday. And we spotted what I think is a Pine Sawyer Beetle hanging out in the chard bed over the weekend. They're all just doing their thing. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Have a beautiful day