Field Prep and Farm Update


It’s the last day of April… and the planting push of May is near. Rain fell overnight and the farm is soaked and glowing green.

With a healthy amount of rain in the forecast, Mike spent the weekend prepping the fields. He disced both of our main fields to turn in the cover crop and prepare for planting the many veggies that will feed us, and hopefully you, in the coming months. First up… we will be planting the onions and taters next week.

Several spring projects are underway at the farm. We are building two caterpillar tunnels to make way for more CSA tomatoes and peppers. We got all of the hoops bent and assembled last weekend as well as the ground posts cut and pre-drilled. Next week, once the ground dries back a little bit we’ll begin placing posts and get these tunnels up.

We purchased a couple weeding implements over the winter and are going to spend this stormy day inside, making adjustments to our cultivating tractors and attaching the basket weeder. Fingers crossed these implements help us stay on top of the weeds in a timely fashion.

The prop house is filled to the brim with seedlings… and is about to be overflowing as we need to seed the next round of little gems, head lettuce, basil and cabbage today. Note to self, we should probably build a second prop house next spring or this Fall?


The onion starts we have growing in one of the moveable tunnels are gorgeous! They have really bulked up over the last couple weeks and are will be ready for their move into the fields on Monday. We will dig these beauties up, trim their tops and their roots, make bundles and then plant in the field. The Sweet Walla Wallas should be ready sometime in August, followed by the reds and yellows in early September. Future food.

And it snowed a few weeks ago… we had a heavy 6+ inches of snow fall at the farm. The forecast said there was a chance of snow and I didn’t really believe it. But sure enough…