Happy Dance

Well hello there snow! Oh how I have missed you and your magical white fluffiness. After several weeks of sunshine and warm days here, it was wonderful to wake up to over a foot of fresh snow on Friday. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning… my eyes lit up and sparkled with excitement. The morning was filled with constant smiles and happy dance parties… over coffee, while shoveling snow, and while baking up a storm in the kitchen. Oh yes. Snow, you make me happy. Oh so happy. 

As you can see above, the path to the garden is as beautiful as ever!

And the greenhouses are looking more like igloos at the moment. The plan is to seed onions in one of these houses soon, so the beds inside will be amended and prepped this weekend. Mmmm I am anxious to get my hands in the soil, but I want to sneak in a couple ski days first!

My mind has completely switched into farm planning mode. I am drafting planting calendars, mapping the gardens and fantasizing about the growing season. My dreams are already being overrun by vegetables, sweet peppers in particular. We do have quite the ongoing love affair. What are you dreaming about on these charming winter nights?

Here is a teaser of the beauty to come. Enjoy this lovely weather and throw in a happy dance for good measure!