Feels like Spring!

The warm sunshine on my face and birds singing sweet songs in the early morning hours are stirring daydreams of the warmer months to come. The snow is melting in the gardens and cover crops are growing. I know it is not Spring just yet, but it sure does feel like it! And this feeling of Spring has me overly excited, I literally caught myself skipping to the garden this morning. 

Onions, leeks and shallots are all up and growing. We seeded the first round of peppers, eggplant, and yes, heirloom tomatoes this week. Mmmmm I am already anxious for the first of many tomatoes. Warm off the vine, chopped up in spicy salsa, on a BLT, tomato pie! Slow down, slow down... it is still February. 

In any event, I have updated the CSA Page and invite you to take a moment and read through our plan for the 2014 season. We are expanding the CSA this season and would love you to join us in our third year of growing delicious, beautiful and truly nourishing produce. Growing food and being outside every day feeds my soul, and it's so very rewarding to then feed so many close friends and families in the area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I love to talk about food. Growing, harvesting, cooking, preserving, and eating food. But I warn you... my enthusiasm and passion can be contagious, so be careful.   

In addition to growing a large variety of fruits and vegetables, we are spending time in the kitchen this season. We will be baking sourdough breads, pies, tarts and pastries. I have always had a sweet tooth, but sourdough has become my latest obsession. And because I think things I am passionate about should be shared, we are offering a Bread Share this season for all the bread lovers out there! The loaves will vary from week to week (plain, seeded, rosemary garlic, etc) and will always be made with organic ingredients. 

Cheers to doing what you love! 

Sending hugs and smiles