Planting Party

We are getting a little wild this morning and kicking off planting season with... tomatoes! Woot woot! Yeah, it's early and I could/should wait another week or so, but lets be honest, pushing the limits is fun. Let the planting party begin.  Here you can see the tomato bed getting prepped, starts are growing on the right and a bed of mustard greens on the left. 

Tomatoes this morning, seeding projects throughout the day, and then the onion transplanting begins. Oh baby. So, I need to tell you something. I have a seeding problem. I always seed too much because I have thoughts that they might not germinate, or I could forget to water or even drop the trays on a clumsy morning, which does happen every year normally early in the morning before a cup of coffee. To address these concerns, I plant extra as a buffer. However, and lets knock on wood as I say this, most of the time everything germinates and grows beautifully... and leaves me scratching my head on why I seeded so many. Needless to say the experiment of seeding onions directly in the greenhouse bed was a tremendous success this season and I have many more than anticipated. But I have never had a large amount of beautiful onions to transplant so I'm pumped. And you should be too! We are growing 16 different varieties, all different shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. I could use extra hands over the next couple weeks getting these beauties in the ground. Please call me if you have a free day and want to play in the dirt. I promise it will be fun. Delicious lunch and snacks will be provided.  

Whew. We have made a lot of progress this week, considering the thick layer of snow on the ground last Monday! Several hundred feet of potatoes are in and mulched. The wheat, oats and barley are all seeded and waiting to germinate. Beds of peas, carrots, spinach and salad greens are in and starting to wake up. 

A large dump truck delivered a beautiful load of compost earlier in the week. Oh giddy. There's no stopping us now. 

This weekend we will be stirring and spraying a round of biodynamic preparations in both gardens. 

Mmmmmmm. Breathe in and savor this beautiful morning.  

I hope you have a lovely day!

Sending smiles,