Oh Happy Day!

Hello hello! Warning, the recent warm up and beautiful days have me hyper and bursting with spring planting energy. 

We disced the Montrose garden last week and marked the beds today. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how good it feels to complete this task. The moisture and cool temperatures last week slowed us down a bit and the field was too wet for the tractor. So, a big THANK YOU DAD for helping me with this today!! You are the BEST. So, the Motown garden beds are ready for amending and planting, or in other words, love and seeds. Here we go! I seeded some clover, pea and vetch cover crops this afternoon. Tomorrow we are seeding a large block of fava beans and several varieties of grain in the field as well as seeding trays of ground cherries, outside tomatoes, and green chilis.

The onion starts are looking happy. They have another week or two in the comfy greenhouse bed and then they will be transplanted out. We need to make room for the tomatoes and peppers already. Yes!

The greenhouse is quickly filling up with trays of cabbage, broccoli, lettuces, kale, chard, kohlrabi, flowers, etc... Spring is here people and it feels good! The cold snap and snow last week were... expected, and gave me an excuse to stay inside by the fire and work on the garden plans and bake bread. So cozy!

I seeded the first of many green beds outside on Tuesday. The spinach and salad greens are in and should be germinating soon. 

Whew! That's all for now. More updates and photos soon. 

Sending love,