CSA Harvest - Week 3

Good morning.

Mmmm, the sky is calm this morning. It feels so relaxing compared to the wind that has been ripping through for the past couple days. I think it is supposed to get breezy again later... but I am going to enjoy the calmness while it lasts. 

Lovely week here. My little brother is in town so there has been goofiness and laughter filling the days. The to do lists in the garden are endless in June and it's wonderful to have him here to pull me away from the garden. Thanks Jim!

I noticed the honeybees returning to their hive with purple pollen earlier in the week. Purple! I was curious to see where they were collecting it and after a little searching I found tons of bees on the  flowering cilantro. So gorgeous!

We have one last big push of planting this week. Melons, late summer greens, eggplant and... flowers! Sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, pansies, cosmos. I can see the garden overflowing with color now.

OK, I'm off to harvest. 

CSA Harvest - Week 3:

Salad Greens
Kale or Chard
Bok Choy
Broccoli or Garlic Scapes
Turnips or Radishes
Herbs (Oregano, Mint or Lemon Balm)
Edible Flowers