CSA Harvest - Week 4

Happy Summer!! 

Wonderful and quick week here.

The sweet peas started blooming and are intoxicating. Oh my gosh. Note to self, grow many more of these next season. 

Melons went in on Sunday morning, we pruned and trellised more tomaotes and seeded the next succession of root crops. Grow veggies grow!

Who is getting anxious for the first tomato of the season...? I can feel it coming. Maybe in the next few weeks?! 

OK, here are the harvest details:

Salad Greens
Chard or Kale
Head Lettuce
Turnips or Radishes
Garlic Scapes
Bok Choy
Green Coriander
Edible Flowers
Green Garlic?

Sourdough flavor of the week: Rye with Caraway Seeds. Oh yes.