CSA Harvest - Week 6

The past week was filled with a lot of fun, dancing and fireworks! We procrastinated a bit in the garden, spent few days goofing off and even snuck in a hike. Mmmmm wildflowers! 

The recent afternoon cloud cover is amazing! The dramatic temperature drop feels so good. Just when the heat gets to be a bit much the beautiful clouds roll in with a strong breeze and cool everything off. I imagine the plants enjoy this as much as I do. We have had a couple sprinkling rains here but nothing major yet. The suspense is building though... come on downpour! 

A few Sungold cherry tomatoes have been ripening! I squeal with excitement and pop them in my mouth like a kid in a candy store. So... tomato harvests are coming!! Maybe a few weeks out? 

Harvest details for Week 6: 

Salad Greens
Head Lettuce
Kale or Chard
Bok Choy
Basil or Cilantro
Garlic Scapes
Edible Flowers

Sourdough Flavor of the week: Seeded (Flax, Sesame, Quinoa, Oats and Sunflower)


I look forward to seeing everyone this week. Until then... sending smiles and hugs.