Carrot Love

Gorgeous week here. Beautiful weather, dance parties, howling with the dogs and enjoying fresh delicious food. Oh Summer, how I love you. 

This week brought more rain, rainbows, a little hail and I even saw fresh snow in the mountains this morning. I squealed with excitement when the clouds broke and the sun shined on the mountain tops... putting the fresh snow on full display. Stunning. 

Today was all around lovely. The cool and overcast skies let me sleep in a little and made for a dreamy bread morning. 

We built a new section of beds this weekend and they are already filled with spinach, kale, bok choy and cabbage. Fall crops are going in... woo wee. I guess I need to accept that it's August?!

We may do a short Fall CSA that would start the second week in October and run through November... details and more information to come in a few weeks. It would entail a lot of fall storage crops (onions, potatoes, garlic, winter squash) along with lots of cool weather loving greens and root crops. 

Lets focus on this moment though... onto the Summer bounty!

CSA Harvest - Week 10:

Salad Greens
Arugula or Mustard Greens
Hot Peppers!!
Cucumber or Summer Squash
Eggplant or Kohlrabi

Sourdough Flavor(s) or the Week: Whole Wheat or Seeded (Quinoa, Oats and Sesame Seeds)