Wow. What a beautiful week!! Playing catchup in the gardens and feeling giddy. We received a beautiful rain on Thursday afternoon, showers throughout the weekend... and then Monday night brought a soaking rain. The kind of rain I have been dreaming about and wishing for! 

The excitement here this morning was kind of wild... oh what a little rainfall can do. It's like a powder morning, only better.  Mmmmmm. The smell of soggy pine forest was insane. I wish I could trap that scent in a bottle. So amazing. 

Ok ok... enough blabbering about my obsession with rain and the smell of soaked pine trees. 

All kinds of exciting things to report... the melons and winter squash are all weeded and mulched. This is big and has been on my list for a while. Next up... onions, leeks and beans. 

We harvested half of the garlic and have it hanging in the barn to cure. 

Some of the wheat planted early in the Spring is growing amidst the crazy weeds and looking gorgeous! Hmmm... currently scheming how to grow a lot of grain in the fields next season. Next season!? Whoa... lets slow down.

Tomatoes are ripening, sunflowers are blooming, melons are forming and and and... harvest details.

CSA Harvest - Week 9:

Salad Greens
Tomatoes!!! oh yeah, it's on! 
Cucumber or Summer Squash
Sweet Bell Pepper or Padrons
Sweet Pea Bouquet

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Plain