Fall Magic!

Aspen groves, with their radiant leaves rustling and dancing in the wind, are so magical! Wow. Are you loving the colors and these warm, beautiful days!? I remember last season being much cooler and by mid-October a snowstorm or two had already covered the garden in a blanket of white. 

The garden is still producing like mad and the greens and roots are getting sweeter by the day. So... let the harvests continue! I am suddenly craving kale and potatoes?! Quite the change from endless pesto and tomatoes a few weeks ago. 

The hoophouses are transforming. We are pulling the tomatoes, peppers and basil out and making room for a Fall planting of greens! I am excited to experiment with growing various greens (salad, spinach, kale, mustards, etc) throughout the winter. Might as well, right? 

And the task of harvesting potatoes has begun. I like to hold off (err procrastinate) on digging potatoes until it is cool enough to wear a sweater. There's something about sweaters and potatoes, I don't know. It just feels right.

Ok, enough rambling... 

Cheers to finding daily magic!!