Snowy Evening!

Hello there! I hope everyone is warm and cozy inside on this stormy evening. Nestled by the fire here, listening to the wind howl and watching the snow fly. Mmmmmmm. So good.  

Here are a couple snowy photos from last week. The feet of snow that arrived were, and still are, such a wonderful sight!! The warm and dry spell in January and February was... alarming. And gave me some serious anxiety. But for now it's all smiles. Snow induced smiles.

Winter is flying by! Which means... planting season is right around the corner. Whoa. 

We have spent the winter months exploring, planning and dreaming big! Check out the updated CSA page with details about the 2015 season. 

I have so many things to share and discuss here with you. New ideas, winter adventures, future farm experiments, food projects, etc. But I should, and will save those for another day. For now, let us take this moment to appreciate the beautiful snowflakes falling, blowing in the wind. 

Hugs all around!