Feeling Giddy!

Hopped up on rhubarb and sunshine this morning! I spent yesterday digging and splitting rhubarb with amazing friends at Circle A Gardens in Montrose. Betsy, Della and Jeanne Austin are the BEST and such an inspiration. We're so lucky to have them close by and I cannot begin to express how much their  wisdom and advice help us throughout the season. 

So we're planting rhubarb here today! I was planning to put them in a shady spot behind the house but an iceberg is slowly melting there at the moment. Hmm... onto Plan B?

Then repotting herbs, cleaning a little seed and trying to wrap up my planting calendar :). Focus! 

The snow is melting, garlic is popping, cover crops are growing fast and the honeybees are busy and already collecting tons of pollen. It's a light creamy yellow pollen, and I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from as there isn't much blooming in our yard. 

We're harvesting kale and spinach out of the hoophouse, holler if you need some fresh greens! 

My nephew is about 17 months old and I am so pumped to get him in the garden this season. He was hanging out with me on the deck a few days ago while I was seeding. I had the deck covered with trays, potting soil, seed packets and popsicle sticks. He was as curious as you can imagine and wanted to get his little hands in the action but I think he could tell it was intricate work. He would get really close then hesitate, look at me and pull his hands back to his belly. SUCH A CUTIE! Excited to have him wondering through the garden this year and I am curious to see which varieties are his favorites (aka toddler approved). He may be my #1 taste tester this Summer.

Have a beautiful day!!!