CSA Harvest - Week 2

Good morning! 

Summer Solstice is only a few days away... mmmmm! The days are long, warm and beautiful as ever. Everything in the garden is growing like wild now that the soil is warm and the sun is shining. 

We finished planting out the winter squash at Blue Grama Farm yesterday. We spent the day laughing, experimenting, doing tractor work, prepping beds and finally transplanting as the heat of the day had passed. The melons are going in tomorrow! 

Our tomatoes are suddenly ready to be pruned and trellised. They/re setting fruit and look amazing. I'm always a little paranoid about the tomatoes... worried that they could get funky (aka diseased). They're looking great minus a few leaves that flea beetles are chomping on. We loaded the greenhouses with basil over the weekend! Mmmm, pesto dreams. 

Flowers, cucumbers and the next succession of greens are all ready and need to be planted this week. Beans and zucchini are germinating, ground cherries and tomatillos are ready to go in the ground. And and and...

But, today we're harvesting! Focus. This week's share will be green heavy and look something like this:

Salad Greens
Mustard Greens
Head Lettuce
Bok Choy
Braising Greens
Green Garlic
Radishes or Broccoli
Edible Flowers

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Plain

Have a  beautiful Day!!