May Showers bring...

Wowza. We asked and danced for moisture all Winter and throughout the first few weeks of Spring. And it finally arrived a few weeks ago and has not stopped. Dark clouds.  howling winds, fatty snowflakes, light rains, pounding hail, rumbling thunder. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain... MUD. Puddles. Oh yes. 

So, it's the end of May and it has been very cool and wet, and surprisingly humid. We've been sloshing around in mud boots for weeks and I must say, I'm so excited to head outside today and work in the sunshine! It looks like a warm up is coming and I'm pumped. Things have been growing, but so so slooooowly. Hopefully everything will pop with a little heat. 

Harvests are scheduled to start next week... stay tuned for details early next week.  

We're waiting for the soil to dry up a bit so we can seed and plant... EVERYTHING. Hopefully all the dark and stormy weather made us rest enough that we're ready for the planting push that's going to happen over the next few weeks.  

We're building a small caterpillar tunnel, wash station and... what would May be without a couple building projects? Hoping to get this house wrapped up and covered with plastic tomorrow! Then filled with more tomatoes, peppers and eggplant over the weekend. Whoop! 

The first of many winter squash are hardening off and will be going into the ground soon. We knocked down a few beds of beautiful cover crop growing at Blue Grama Farm on Wednesday and will be transplanting in the coming days!

Have a lovely day!!