CSA Harvest - Week #5

Good morning. Feeling a little groggy here... I fell asleep last night to the sweet sound of raindrops falling and slept so wonderfully. The ground outside feels soaked and we're gearing up for a beautiful harvest morning!  

My dreams for rain came true on Friday afternoon. We were at the Ridgway Farmer's Market selling veggies and arrived home late in the day to find the garden watered and green as could be. Yes!!! I feel like the plants were all letting out a big 'aaaahhhhh' sigh of relief from the intense sun and heat. The Brussels Sprouts, pictured above, have been looking exceptionally happy with the cooler wet weather. Keep it coming :)

A couple years ago we accidentally did an experiment. We mulched a bed of leeks with leaves... but ran out half way through. Come Fall, the leeks that were mulched were twice as big as those that hadn't been. So... we mulched the leeks recently and it feels good to see them protected with a lovely leaf blanket and hopefully ready to fatten up over the next couple months. And we seeded the next round of salad, spinach, arugula and turnips yesterday. A few more things need to go in before I will feel temporarily caught up.

Exciting news!!! A couple Sungolds are starting to blush and should be ready for snacking in the coming days. Which has me dancing around and it means many many more should start to follow. We're hoping tomato harvests start in the next few weeks! So pumped. 

CSA Harvest - Week #5
Salad Greens
Head Lettuce
Kale of Chard
Arugula or Spinach
Radish or Turnip
Garlic Scapes
Green Coriander?

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Seeded (Oats, Millet, Sesame and Pumpkin Seed)

Have a great day!!