Good morning!

We woke up to gusty wind, dancing trees and a little sprinkling rain this morning. And now the sun is rising over the mountains and lighting up the sky with so many shades of pink, purple and blue. Mmmmm I think it's going to be a good day. 

This week flew by fast! It has been hootttt and this girl is ready for some afternoon clouds and rain to cool things off a bit! Yep. I'm anxious for those heavy Colorado downpours. Come on!

So... we've been sweating, weeding, harvesting, seeding, etc... and one of my best friends, Kelsey Bennett, whom I grew up with in beautiful Ridgway is in town for several weeks. She's amazing and is helping out in the garden a couple days a week! We cranked out some projects on Tuesday... flipped beds, seeded trays of fall greens and did some weeding. It's amazing how much faster projects go with help and good conversation! Thank you Kelsey!! 

Exciting garden bits. The bread poppies just started to bloom and are gorgeous! I got lost in these yesterday when I was supposed to be harvesting. The basil tripled in size this week, zucchini are growing fast, and the tomatoes are all racing to see who can reach the top of the hoophouse first. I cheer them on and like to think they're competing with each other... who's going to win!? Right now Soldacki is in the lead... and blooming like mad to boot.  Mmm Hmm. 

Ok. I should get moving. Details for CSA Harvest - Week # 4 are as follows:
Salad Greens
Kale or Chard
Mustard Greens
Bok Choy or Napa Cabbage
Garlic Scapes
Herbs (Oregano, Lemon Balm or Mint)

Have a lovely day!