CSA Harvest - Week #10

Hi there. I hope everybody had an amazing week. Things got a little crazy here on Wednesday after I updated the blog... I had to say goodbye to my puppy dog. He was very sweet, hilarious and spent so many days helping me in the garden. He would charge out the front door with me in the early morning hours and head down to the garden super excited. I'd open the gate and head off to my morning task and he would walk the perimeter of the garden, checking this and that and then lay down near the gate and wait for me to need a break or a snack. When he was a young pup he would steal my shoes and sandals, but he'd only take one and stash it with his toys under a tree in front of the house. Deegs, thank you for hanging out during late harvest evenings, sounding the alarm when bears were in the yard and always being there. You're going to be missed. 

Whew. Ok... 

The garden is looking amazing. We received a couple big storms yesterday that soaked the garden, the forest, me, everything with rain. I think it was the first real Colorado storm I have felt this Summer. The kind that appear out of no where, dump rain, move quickly and then all of sudden the sun is shining again. LOVED IT.  So, it should be a glorious muddy harvest morning.  

Tomatoes are on and they look stunning. Yesterday morning I woke up in a panic... the actual low temperature in Ridgway for the night was supposed to be 55, and in my dream the temperature dropped to 15 degrees. I had a little freak out and was relieved to wake up to a warm August morning and ripe tomatoes to harvest. 

CSA Harvest - Week #10:

Salad Greens or Arugula
Cherry Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Kale or Chard
Turnip or Radish

Have a beautiful day!