CSA Harvest - Week 11

Good morning! 

It feels pretty brisk outside this morning and the thermometer reads 43 degrees. Brr! So I am drinking a little extra coffee and waiting to harvest until the sun comes up. Fabulous week here. Sunshine, heat, harvesting like mad, seeding green beds, and eating the most amazing meals, and a gazillion snacks. I always forget how wonderful this time of the year is... so beautiful and flavorful. Ha, last night I was starving and could not decide what to make for dinner... too many options. What a wonderful problem!

We discovered quite a few tomato horn worms in the greenhouses over the weekend. Aaaaahhh! I knew it was only a matter of time. The little buggers were chomping on tomato and eggplant leaves.

I have exciting news, the beans have started and will be in the shares this week!! We are growing a few varieties this year: Provider, Rattlesnakes and Gold of Bacau, pictured here. Yum! I snack on them raw all day everyday, but I imagine there are great things you can do with them in the kitchen... ?

The tomatoes are rocking and I think my hands are officially stained green for the rest of the season. Whoop! And the peppers and eggplant are starting.

CSA Harvest - Week # 11:

Salad Greens
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Beets (Thank you Mike Nolan/Mountain Roots Produce!)
Pepper or Eggplant

Sourdough Flavor of the Week: Plain

Recipe! Oh yea. I've been talking about sharing recipe ideas for... 4 years now. Here goes!

Roasted Beet Spread:

Blend together roasted beets, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt until smooth and spread on EVERYTHING. So beautiful (about the same color as this zinnia!) and so delicious. We enjoyed it on veggie sandwiches yesterday. 

Have a lovely day folks!