Good morning, 

The last couple days have been amazingly gorgeous. Sunshine, light breeze and warm temps. Woohoo! Summer here we come. The lows this week climb into the mid 40s and even high 50s, ooo ooo ooo. It looks like we will stop covering the tomatoes up a night, which will save us some time. And something about heading outside in sandals first thing in the morning makes me a very happy person. 

It was a pretty great week here, we seeded, planted, watered, weeded, made repairs, organized, and started prepping the wash station for harvests. 

A large block of roots was seeded on Friday and should start germinating in in the coming days.  Carrots, beets, parsnip, turnips and rutabaga. Here are the rutabaga seeds waiting in the seeder. I'm always amazed that these itty bitty seeds grow into such large and beautiful plants. Magic! 

I transplanted jalapeños and basil and seeded sweet slicing cucumbers in the greenhouse for the CSA a couple days ago. And we transplanted parsley, celery, celeriac and a pepper trial in the field yesterday. Mmmmm PEPPERS. I'm curious to see how peppers do outside here, we'll know in a few short months ;). 

And we have started the never-ending task of weeding. I love looking back at a freshly weeded bed, it's so satisfying! The weeds are coming up thick in spots and I'm determined to keep them in check. Watch out thistle... it's on and I intend on making you struggle this season. 

Have a great day!!