Harvest Time

Wow! It's been a hot couple of days around here... I think the veggies are handling the heat better than I am. 

We're just about planted here, minus a second round of beets and carrots scheduled for Sunday and successions of various greens throughout the season. We seeded the winter squash and pole beans on Tuesday, so now it's time to just irrigate, weed and harvest. And... I set up the tomato trellis this morning and we need prune those beauties! They're growing like weeds, flowering and about to set fruit.

I set up the pea trellis a few days ago and was working next to the blooming fava beans, the smell was intoxicating and the buzzing of bees was beautiful. 

Wednesday marked the first CSA Harvest of the season. Wahoo! It felt really good to harvest and I loved seeing all of our CSA Members. This week's share included the following:

Salad Greens
Baby Kale
Mustard Mix
Green Garlic
Herbs (Tarragon, Oregano or Lemon Balm)
Asparagus from Banga's Farm next door

Have a great day!