CSA Harvest - Week 8

Good morning,

How is it already the last week of July?! Eek. Summer slow down and stay a while... please.

We have been blessed with clouds the last couple days which have made for wonderful weeding and harvesting conditions. And I am happy to report it feels like we're starting to catch up on projects around here. The field is mostly weeded, mostly being the key word there. We're going to make a final push to tackle a few sections in the coming days as it looks like next week rain arrives, fingers crossed! We could use a couple rainy days... aka time in the kitchen! 

We set up trellis for a row of pole beans on Monday, woohoo! Climbing beans are gorgeous... we seeded Rattlesnakes Beans, which are on of my favorites for fresh eating and Borlotto Gaston, an Italian cranberry bean that is gorgeous, delicious, meaty and huge. I grew them for the first time last season and fell in love. Grow beauties grow!

Brassicas are so beautiful! I cannot get enough... the kale is growing like mad and these storage kohlrabi are, well, enormous. Enjoy the broccoli this week, I squealed with excitement while harvesting it. The cauliflower is just starting to form heads, they're about golf ball size at the moment. 

We'll be seeding the next round of greens tomorrow, salad greens, arugula, mustard greens, lettuce trays, etc. FYI, in the weeding madness I think we missed a salad mix and arugula seeding so those may not be in the shares over the next couple weeks but more are on the way. 

Cherry tomatoes are on and they taste like summer! I harvested a few heirlooms this week too... so we should be enjoying those in no time. Wahoo! 

OK, onto the harvest details, CSA Harvest - Week #8:
Salad Greens
Cherry Tomatoes!

Have a wonderful day! See you all this afternoon