Good morning, 

I slept in a little bit and right as I was pouring a cup of coffee this water color of a sunrise began to unfold. So I ran outside in PJs, spilling coffee all over the place to get a couple photos and enjoy the gorgeous light. Mmmmm hmmm.


We have been asking and hoping for rain for weeks and on Monday evening a storm rolled through and it rained quite a bit and made for a rather muddy harvest morning yesterday, which I loved. The air was cool, the plants were happy and clouds moved in and out.

And last night... around 9:30 or 10 thunder clouds rolled in and it poured! The skies opened up and dropped a heavy and steady rain for an hour or so and then it continued to rain more throughout the night. Aaaahh, so wonderful. The ground is soaked, the plants love it and I am about to put on my rain (err mud) boots to finish up a few harvest items this morning before heading your way. 

We have been weeding fools around here but I think we're about to get a handle on them, fingers crossed.

We finished pulling and hanging the last of the garlic and french shallots on Friday, wahoo! And we turned in a lot of the early spring beds that were bolting and past their prime and I seeded the next round of greens.

The zucchini and cucumbers are blooming, so we should have those in the shares very soon and the cherry tomatoes are oh so close. In the next week or two you will be enjoying these little jewels! 

We are already 7 weeks in to the CSA Season, which means Summer is flying by a little too fast. I will be sending out details and reminding people to sign up for the Fall CSA next week. Yes, it's middle of Summer but this girl is thinking about and planning Fall harvests. Always looking forward.

This week's share includes the following:
Salad Greens
Lacinato Kale
Peas (probably the last of the season)

See everybody this afternoon, probably in rain gear!