Windy Business!

Whew wee. The trees are dancing this morning as strong gusts of wind roll through. The wind makes me feel a little crazy but hopefully it brings rain/snow in the coming days.

Spring is officially here and has excitement levels very high. The to do lists are growing by the day and I can feel the busyness of the season coming. As soon as we turn the field in Montrose its off to the races. The soil has really been holding onto moisture so once it dries out a little we will get in there and start working. 

We are adding a few new experiments this season and taking our first stab at growing grain! I am very interested in ancient and unique grains and will be planting several varieties of wheat, barley, amaranth, oats, rye, quinoa etc. If all goes well we will have a barn dance and threshing party in the fall. Who's in?! 

The onion starts in the greenhouse are doing well and starting to fill out a bit. Send them a little love. Grow onions grow! We plan to start transplanting these in mid April. Only a short few weeks away. Wowza.

Ok. I'm off to seed edible flowers (pansies, nasturtiums, calendula) and start repotting peppers.

Throwing love and kisses into the wind. Hope they find somebody and brighten their day.