CSA Harvest - Week 8

The heat of summer has arrived. It has been HOT in the gardens the last few days. The early mornings and evenings have been so dreamy and perfect though... mmm. 

I am excited to see a few clouds in the sky this morning. Maybe rain this afternoon? 

Tomatoes and peppers are coming! They're so close... next week?! We will have a few cucumbers, summer squash, pardons and shishito peppers this week. The harvests are about to get really colorful and fun :)

I'm off to harvest the following for this week's CSA Share: 

Salad Greens
Kale or Chard
Fava Beans
Green Garlic
Edible Flowers
Cucumber, Squash or Padron Peppers

Sourdough Flavor of the week: Plain