Spring = Wind

Oh my, it sure feels like Spring now! Wind was pumping here yesterday... 

It's calm this morning, but I'm skeptical that it's going to last. Time will tell. 

Seeding! It's on. I have been resisting the urge to seed like a fool, but now I think it's full steam ahead. Peas, garbanzos, and purple favas are in! Next up... bread poppy and roots! I better finalize that garden map ASAP. 

A special St. Patty's Day rainbow popped out last week!! I squealed and jumped around with excitement. Mmmmmmm hmm. 

We attempted to work the soil in Montrose on Sunday morning but the clay is really holding onto the moisture, so that project is on hold. Patience Mindy. Patience. Maybe this weekend??

In the meantime, we are excited to harvest and bake for you all later this week! Greens and sourdough are coming your way. 

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!