Heat Wave...

Whoa. It's hot out there! And it's freaking me out. What's going on Mother Nature... I'm ready and hoping for a cool Colorado Spring with lots of cold nights and some snowfall. Pretty please. 

Deep breathe. It's going to be fine. Right? Yea. It's going to cool off and get wet soon... Lets all just say that, believe it and and make it happen. Work your witchy magic folks! We're planning to stir and spray another round of biodynamic preparations here in the hopes of encouraging some moisture. Fingers crossed. 

Woo wee. Ramble much? Buzzing on coffee... and should eat breakfast ASAP.

What have you all been up to? We've been focused on repairs and maintenance here this week. Tools are sharpened, wheelbarrow is back in action and the cracks on my thumbs are healing. Mmmmm hmm. 

And... the tomatoes and peppers are being repotted and will be headed into the hoophouses soon. We are transplanting sweet peas today, I can hardly wait for the dreamy aroma to fill the garden in the coming months. Mmmmm, it's the best and such a classic scent. We are also seeding flower trays and a couple beds of bread poppy! Whoop whoop! Poppyseed bread this winter.... oooo. It's my little brother's favorite!

We turned the Montrose field last weekend and it's ready for some cover crop seed, water and .... LOVE. Thinking oats/vetch and a block of favas for good measure. Who's excited for grilled fava beans come July!?

Planning to harvest again later this week as well as bake off a few sourdough loaves. Contact me if you need fresh greens (kale, collards, cilantro) and/or bread!  

Wishing you a lovely day!